Gestational Carrier Agreements

Gestational Carrier Agreements are contracts that define, in detail, the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved with a Gestational Carrier aided pregnancy.  Gestational Carriers are distinct from traditional surrogates in that Gestational Carriers have no genetic connection to the child she is carrying.  

We have industry leading expertise in the drafting and negotiation of all aspects of a Gestational Carrier Agreement.  Through the drafting of these Agreements, our goal is to address the legal rights of all parties, while detailing a comprehensive plan that will cover such vital issues as confidentiality, medical insurance coverage, communication, expectations for the pregnancy, views on abortion, compensation, expense reimbursement, and a multitude of other factors that when addressed in chorus, provide a “no surprises” atmosphere.  A well drafted and negotiated Gestational Carrier Agreement allows all parties involved to focus on, and enjoy, the pregnancy.  

We represent both Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers, whether matched independently or through an agency.  We can also help to identify other attorneys with experience in reproductive law to represent your Gestational Carrier or Intended Parents which will ensure that both parties are receiving independent legal advice. When parties are matched through an agency, we work closely with your agency’s coordinator to ensure that your Gestational Carrier Agreement is consistent with everyone’s expectations based upon the agency’s policies. When matched independently or when working with a family member or friend, we are sensitive to not only addressing the legal issues but also ensuring that the relationship between the parties is preserved.

Once a pregnancy is achieved, we can also assist the parties in obtaining a Pre-Birth or Post-Birth Order (See Parentage Orders).

If you have any questions about our Gestational Carrier Agreement services whatsoever, or if you would like to talk about your situation in a general way, please don't hesitate to Contact Us any time.